People are increasingly calling for local infiltration of rainwater in response to ever more common severe flooding. As more and more surfaces are sealed with buildings, car parks and roads, the sewer system is having to work harder, especially in built-up areas, and the risk of flooding increases.
In Germany, an area of around 129 hectares, the equivalent of 175 football pitches, is built over or sealed with buildings every day. This is resulting in flooding and ecological and economic damage on a scale never seen before. Sealing ground surfaces with buildings also lowers the groundwater level – the natural cycle is broken. GRAF’s intelligent infiltration systems take account of this. The EcoBloc Inspect flex infiltration modules and percolation tunnels combine the need to dispose of rainwater in an environmentally sensitive way with scope for saving sealing fees. Local infiltration of rainwater also takes the strain off the sewer network and wastewater treatment systems.

GRAF infiltration modules have three times the storage volume of a standard gravel infiltration ditch. One module therefore takes the place of around 1300 kg (1,4 tons) of gravel or a 50 m (164′) drainage pipe. Since you don‘t have to excavate so much soil and enjoy great value for money compared with a standard gravel infiltration ditch, the GRAF modules save you hard-earned cash! The modules are fitted simply, at speed and in various ways. They can be installed without heavy machinery – one EcoBloc Inspect flex module weighs just 8 kg. The modules can be connected with practical connection elements.



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