The SOLIDO XL Sewage Treatment Plant is designed specifically to suit flow and organic loading variations typical of commercial buildings.

Facing a growing business? Can your existing system cope with the increased treatment demands placed on it? SOLIDO XL modular approach allows for easy expansion by the simple bolting on additional tanks. The system will expand as your business grows, for total peace of mind!

The SOLIDO Sewage Treatment Plant caters to 50 to 120 PE and incorporates the Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) technology. Wastewater is treated in batches rather than being treated continuously, resulting in an efficient treatment plant with reduced energy consumption and a prolonged life for all component parts.

The oxygen levels of the treatment plant can be easily changed to suit the different and sometimes highly variable flows and loads that are typical of wastewater from commercial buildings. Not only keeping energy consumption as efficient as possible, but ensuring final effluent standards remain constant

Resistant to hydraulic fluctuations and organic load variations. Provides compliance with strict standards. The SOLIDO XL uses multiple compressors to ensure that any possible failure, does not result in a large loss of oxygen for the plant.

Perfect for projects developed in multiple phases or where the available space is very limited. Treatment capacity can thus easily be increased.


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