Solido SMART combines the benefits of an ultra-compact solution with the trusted performances of Solido systems. Integrating an SBR technology comparable to large municipal applications, the proven technology operates with direct aeration of the wastewater and without the need for primary treatment. This simple principle provides efficient wastewater treatment results without the emission of any odors.

Our SMART tanks are lightweight, compact and have a low installation depth requirement. Can be installed without concrete – even in groundwater.  Available as compact cylindrical (BL) or  ultra-compact rectangular models (ML).

Installed in just one day, including setup.

No heavy machinery required and no needless damage to  your property. Cost-saving benefits for you!

Controlled by a compact and easy to-operate microprocessor to ensure steady and reliable performances from the system. The control panel can be installed in any place where there is no rain or sunlight.

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